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New Reptile Order In

Juvenile Extreme Harlequin Crested Gecko

Juvenile Phantom Partial Pinstripe Crested Gecko

Juvenile Tiger Dalmatian Crested Gecko

Juvenile Flame Dalmatian Crested Gecko

Adult Female Jungle Designer Leopard Gecko

Adult Male Hypo High Yellow Leopard Gecko

Part Time Job Opening

Do you love working with Fish & Reptiles? Are you a hard worker? Do you enjoy learning about these amazing animals? Then Come on down and put a Application in. We are hiring 1 Part Time employee so hurry now.

Arachnid Sales This Weekend

We are doing a sale of 10% off all Arachnids this weekend.

6000 Gallon Pond with Koi

Come Check Out How Far Our Pond Has Come Along

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HUGE Freshwater Plant Order In

Huge New Freshwater Plant Order In

-Red Flame Sword
-St. Elmos Fire
-Crypt Green Wendtii
-Red Wendtii
-Ulvaceus Bulb
-Red Tiger Lotus
-Dwarf Baby Tear Mat
-Christmas Moss
-Flame Moss
-Java Moss
-Monosolenium Tenerum Moss
-Amazon Sword
-Ozelot Green Pot
-Red Flame Sword Pot
-Red Rubin Sword Pot
-Dwarf Baby Tear Pot
-C. Bronze Wendtii Pot
-C. Green Wendtii Pot
-C. Red Wendtii Pot
-Four Leaf Clover Pot
-Dwarf Four Leaf Clover Pot
-Glossostigma Pot
-Giant Hairgrass Pot
-Green Cabomba
-Creeping Charlie
-Cherry Hedge
-Broad Leaf Ludwigia
-Narrow Leaf Ludwigia
-Filigree Myrio
-Green Myrio
-Red Myrio
-Rotala Indica
-Rotala Nanjenshan
-Rotala Wallichii
-Amazon Sword (Bleheri)
-Kleiner Prinz
-Oriental Sword
-Marble Queen (Cordifolius)
-Rangeri Sword
-Micro Sword Pot
-Dwarf Sagittaria Pot
-Micranthemum Monte Carlo Pot

Lots & Lots In Stock Come Plant Your Tank Today


-Red Phantom Tetra
-Pearl Danio
-African Knife Fish
-Electric Blue Acara
-Silver Arowana
-Goldy Pleco L14
-Pepperspot Pleco L32
-White Inspector Pleco L201
-Rubberlip Pleco L146
-Longfin Green Dragon Bristlenose
-Columbia Otocinclus
-Albino Cory
-Paleatus Cory
-Rope Fish
-Butterfly Fish
-Orange Boesemani Rainbow
-Forktail Blue Eye Rainbow
-Dwarf Chain Loach
-Standard 4 inch Koi
-Albino Iridescent Shark
-Cherry Barbs
-Lyretail Molly
-Saffron Molly
-Leopard Molly
-Male Guppy Mix
-Female Guppy Mix
-Male Red Tuxedo Guppy
-Male Flame Guppy
-Male Red Snakeskin Guppy
-Red Velvet S/T
-Blue Mickey Mouse Platy
-Zebra Platy
-Coral Red Wagtail Sphitz Platy
-Electric Blue Crayfish
-Albino Mystery Snails
-Magenta Mystery Snail
-Purple Mystery Snail
-Ivory Mystery Snail
-Jade Mystery Snail
-Mixed Peacock Cichlids

Come Check Everything Out

Weekend Dry Good Specials 5,10 and 15% OFF

Weekend Special

Red Dots are 5% OFF

Yellow Dots are 10% OFF

Blue Dots are 15% OFF

New Shrimp Order In

-Crystal Black
-Crystal Red

-Bloody Mary
-Ultra Gold
-Black Rose
-Blue Dream
-Blue Velvet
-Orange Rili
-Red Rili
-Blue Rili
-Sunkist Orange
-Green Jade
-Fire Red

Come on In and Check Them Out

Blue Velvet Neocaridina Freshwater Shrimp

Saharan Sand Boa Sale 20% OFF

Saharan Sand Boa

We are doing a Sale on our Saharan Sand Boa, these are very docile snakes and have quite the pattern to them. The big issue with Sand Boas is they prefer Live Food as they will sit under the sand with just the tip of there nose sticking out and wait for there prey to walk by. So Frozen/ Thawed won’t work, but regardless of his diet they are awesome snakes.

Remodel Closed Dates July 4-6th 2022

Freshwater Aquarium

We are doing a Huge Overall of our Reptile Section and for the Safety of our Customers we will be Closed July 4-6th. We Hope to see Everyone Thursday for the New Look and a Sneak Preview as What is to Come.