My name is James Schreiner,

I am an Army Veteran. I spent 13 amazing years traveling the world and seeing beautiful fish. I had my first Aquarium when I was 13 years old.  I always felt calm when I was in front of my tank and I said one day I would open my own store. Well in the start of 2020 I decided to finally go for it after so many years and here I am selling beautiful shrimp and Reptiles from around the world.

People always ask me where the name Blue Dog Aquatics comes from. Well quite simply when I was deployed in Afghanistan. There was a K9 dog named Blue that was killed in the line of duty.  He saved his handlers life as well as countless others. This is my way of paying respect to the men and woman in uniform as well as the K9s serving right next to them.

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality Shrimp and Reptiles. We want you to experience the beautiful colors and selection that are in Shrimp and Reptile gene pools and have that in your home.

There are currently over 290 species of freshwater shrimp in the world with many more being discovered every day.

There are approximately 10,700 species of Reptiles today, ranging in size from geckos to crocodilians.

So, the question is “Your Tank or Mine.”