Weekend Dry Good Specials 5,10 and 15% OFF

Weekend Special

Red Dots are 5% OFF

Yellow Dots are 10% OFF

Blue Dots are 15% OFF

New Shrimp Order In

-Crystal Black
-Crystal Red

-Bloody Mary
-Ultra Gold
-Black Rose
-Blue Dream
-Blue Velvet
-Orange Rili
-Red Rili
-Blue Rili
-Sunkist Orange
-Green Jade
-Fire Red

Come on In and Check Them Out

Blue Velvet Neocaridina Freshwater Shrimp

Saharan Sand Boa Sale 20% OFF

Saharan Sand Boa

We are doing a Sale on our Saharan Sand Boa, these are very docile snakes and have quite the pattern to them. The big issue with Sand Boas is they prefer Live Food as they will sit under the sand with just the tip of there nose sticking out and wait for there prey to walk by. So Frozen/ Thawed won’t work, but regardless of his diet they are awesome snakes.

Remodel Closed Dates July 4-6th 2022

Freshwater Aquarium

We are doing a Huge Overall of our Reptile Section and for the Safety of our Customers we will be Closed July 4-6th. We Hope to see Everyone Thursday for the New Look and a Sneak Preview as What is to Come.

New Terrarium Plants in Stock

New Terrarium Plants In Stock

Memorial Weekend Sale

Blue Eyed Lucy

This weekend we are doing 10% off all our Ball Pythons in Honor of Memorial Day. We want to take a second and Thank all the Men & Women Serving our Great Nation and All that Have Given there Lives to Protect Us. We hope you have an Amazing weekend with your Families

Kids Pet Fest June 12th 2022

On June 12th 2022, We are hosting a Charity Event for the Holt International Foundation, Which helps Kids overseas with food, Clothes and everything They need. The Event is Taking Place at our Store from 1-4pm on Sunday the 12th. We will have live music, show cars lot of animals and Two Raffles which are $10 each spot. One Raffle is for a 48’x48′ Corner PVC Enclosure and the other is for our Juvenile Nosy Be Panther Chameleon. Both Raffles will be drawn at 3:45pm Sunday the 12th. Come on town to get your spot saved in both Raffles. All Proceeds from the Raffles will go to the Holt Foundation so come on down and help a kid in Need.

50% Off Argentine Black & White Tegu

Argentine Black & White Tegu

We are doing a Flash Sale on our 2 year old Argentine Black & White Tegu aka PePe. He is about 3 foot long and looking for his forever home.

New Frogs at BDA

White’s Blue Eye Snowflake Tree Frog

Come Check out our New Selection of Frogs, We have Pixe, Tree Frogs, Pac-Man and Dart Frogs, with New ones being brought in Every Week.

New Arrivals at BDA!!!

Green Plumed Basilisk

Come check out the newest arrivals at Blue Dog Aquatic & Reptiles! We have several animals that are new to BDA!